EasyBits developed Skypito as a tool for parents to take control over who their children interact with online. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure the product is used correctly and the child's safety is protected.
Three things every Skypito parent needs to do:
  1. Set parental control password.
  2. Always keep KidGuard on.
  3. Never allow your kids to log on as administrator. It will compromise your system and their safety.

What is KidGuard?

Skypito KidGuard prevents Skypito users from communicating with people that have not been approved by parents. This means that your kids cannot talk, chat or play with strangers. To learn more about KidGuard please visit the homepage of this website.

How do I turn KidGuard on?

The first time you start Skypito KidGuard is on, since it is the default setting. To manually turn it on in case it has been turned off go to Parental Control Menu, pick Configure KidGuard on the left and check the box "Use KidGuard for this account".

How do I add buddies to my kid's Skypito Account?

In Parental Control pick Configure KidGuard, click on the link "Add new contact" at the bottom of the window. You can search for friends and family members by name, Skype name, etc.

How can I prevent my kids from accessing Parental Control?

It is essential that you protect access to Parental Control with a password. To do this go to Parental Control > Set Preferences and check the box "Protect access to the parental control with a password". A menu for setting password will appear once the box is checked.

How do I get new tricks and surprises for my child's Skypito?

In the bottom right of Skypito window click "Get new stuff". It will take you to Skypito webpage where you can download the latest fun content.

What is the red smiley character that pops up? And how do I turn it off?

The red smiley character pops up to entertain kids by doing different tricks. You can manage his actions and turn him off by clicking on the red character icon in the bottom right corner of Skypito window.

I click on Skypito Icon but the program doesn't start. Is this normal?

In order to start Skypito you have to be signed into Skype. When you click on Skypito icon a box appears giving you an option to wait or to close Skypito. In order to start Skypito, click "wait" and proceed with logging into Skype. Skypito will open automatically as soon as you are signed in.

Can more than one person participate in a chat?

Yes. To add more buddies to a chat click on the buddy you are willing to add and scroll down to "Add to Chat".

Can I do a conference call with Skypito?

Yes. To add more than one buddy to a call click on the buddy you are willing to add and scroll down to "Invite to Conference".
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